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Scars pigmentation,open pores

Scars pigmentation is discoloration of the skin at the site of a healed or healing inflamed acne lesion. These forms of a skin scarring occur more frequently in dark skin individuals, but occasionally is seen in people with white skin. Early acne treatment by a dermatologist may minimize the development of pigmentation with scarring. Some post-inflammatory pigmentation may persist for up to 18 months, especially with excessive sun exposure. Chemical peeling may hasten the disappearance of acne scar with pigmentation. Kojic acid appears as effective as hydroquinone for treatment of hyper pigmentation associated with acne scar. Kojic acid is much safer compare to its rival and less irritating to the skin. It is natural element derived from a janpanese mushroom. Complete removal of an acne scar with pigmentation is very likely and the results sound very satisfactory. Here you can find more information on post inflammatory pigmentation. One of the problems that people face as they grow older are open or enlarged pores, making skin seem old and rough looking. Smooth, young-looking skin becomes a thing of the past because of this. Why this happens is sometimes due to either neglect or poor facial care habits and practices. Individuals with oily or extremely oily skin types often have problems with enlarged pores.